The Early Years: As this little boy grew he was involved in many sports such as: wrestling (started in 3rd grade), B.B. gun shooting (3rd in world in 1980), soccer, cross country, biking, and baseball his dad made him play one summer (and one summer was enough – his father got sick of seeing dust clouds he liked to create in the outfield).
Well, as time passed he was studying to be a dentist. Except he worked at a college radio station (WXUT) as a music director. And I’m sure when you were a child your parents warned you of the greatest persuader on earth – MUSIC. That’s right, music! Music pulled on this young mind until he broke down and gave up his dream of becoming a dentist. At this same time another young mind was strolling the radio station. His name was Edward Shimborske III.
Together these two kids heard the most wonderful sound ever created by a band named Environmental Hazzard. This sound so captured these two that they took upon themselves to start their own record label.
SKE has been kept alive for ten years now not only because of our dreams, but the dreams of the artists we work with. We will make it happen. It may be slow. It may not be tomorrow. But it will be.
As you can see many dreams and hopes are still in the making, because life keeps on giving (or because he hold a day job as a National Account Manager at Accelent Systems).